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Hair Bows for Your Flower Girl
by (Jessica Furtney) | Published 8/7/2006 7:50:44 AM

My daughter, Emily (4 years old), was just recently in a wedding for my brother. She was a flower girl. She was so happy and excited about having a part in her Uncle’s big day, and it was very hard to keep her relatively calm, this being her first opportunity to be a flower girl. We searched for a flower girl dress and shoes and found frilly little socks, and then we needed to find a wreath for her hair. I did some serious searching on the internet and in many bridal stores that would specialize in items for a flower girl. I really couldn’t find anything I liked, so we left it up to the bride. Our flower girl had found something she really liked, and I was thankful not to have to look any longer.

On that wedding day we went to the hair dressers to get her hair done in a special way. After the flower girl “do”, we tried to get a very stiff wire crown to stay on top of her head. That wreath was not going to stay on that bouncy, excited little head of my daughter. Still, I was thankful to have something and to have not had to make it myself. It was a rather simple look for a flower girl, so I decided to dress it up with a big, white organza hair bow with tails and all. I put the hair bow on a French clip, thinking that that would help keep this wreath on her head. While we were at the hair dressers and trying to get it to stay on, I realized it needed two alligator clips on the front too. We did manage to get the wreath to stay on, but while I stood there and watched the hair dresser try to get the wreath on, it came to me that what our little flower girl really needed: something light, and simple, but pretty enough to make our girls feel special.

It was then that I came up with a wreath of ribbons in satin, organza, and other decorative ribbons that have been put on a ribbon wreath specifically designed for a flower girl. This made it far easier to either bobby pin to their hair, or even to tie on with a ribbon. We have come up with a light and beautiful hair accessory for any flower girl which can be made in all white, or with a few color accents to match whatever dress you desire. The key for flower girl hair accessories is to make them practical, and yet sophisticated. We tried to make one style that would accommodate any hair style. If the hair style for your flower girl is the “hair down” type of hair style, use our wreath as a headband. If the flower girl needs to have her hair piled in curls on top of her head, then the wreath of ribbons can be tied however tight you need and simply bobby pinned into the hair around the curls.

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