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Jessica Furtney Owner / PresidentJessica Furtney
Owner / President

Bows For Best Friends was started because I wanted to make hair bows for my own daughter. I went out, bought a few ribbons, and thought I would try it. A bow came together after a couple of tries, and soon I was making bows for my friends too! Bows For Best Friends just took off from there and we at BFBF are offering you the best we can make at an affordable cost. My customer’s happiness ALWAYS comes first, and we desire to make the most trendy and up to date bows we can! Look for our bows! Get to know our designers by the different symbols! Tell all your friends! After all, why keep such a great secret all to yourself?

-Jessica Furtney
Ashley Rush Bow Pro / BFBF RepAshley Rush
Bow Pro / BFBF Rep

My name is Ashley Rush. I'm a 17-year-old home-schooling senior in high school. I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me wonderful parents and my 4 exciting brothers who make my life very interesting. I have played piano for almost 10 years and violin for about 4 years. I enjoy getting together with the youth group at my church for youth activities once a month, ministry teams, overnight camping trips, and summer camp. I also have lots of fun making bows and spending time with the other ladies that also work for Bows For Best Friends. One thing the Lord has taught me through working for BFBF is that every bow that I make and any money that I gain is not going to last forever. I can’t always rely on earthly things and the Lord is the only person I can always be sure to put my trust in. Matthew 6:19-21 says, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal; for where your treasure is, there you heart will be also.”
Shelly Kuzmic Headband ProShelly Kuzmic
Headband Pro

My name is Shelly Kuzmic and I am a stay at home mother of four. My God given priority is my husband and children. (Titus 2:2-5). Designing and making hair gems allows me to continue to be a "worker at home" and gives me a creative outlet that helps to meet the needs of my family. My girls enjoy wearing the barrettes I make as well. I hope that your girls enjoy wearing them as much as they do!
Dawn Schlichting Bow ProDawn Schlichting
Bow Pro

My name is Dawn Schlichting. I am a stay at home mom with a six year old boy, an 18 month old little girl, and a nine week baby boy. I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of twenty. I directed weddings and worked in an interior design office, but the stress from both of those ocuupations caused me to resign because of my declining health. When my husband and I started our family, we were looking for something I could do at home without the stress. We had been praying about an opportunity and approached Jessica about the possibility of working for her. She told us that she had also been praying and looking for someone to help her out. It has been a wonderful opportunity to work at home without the stress, and to be at home with my children. The Lord graciously gave me a little girl who enjoys wearing the bows, and I hope you and your little girl/girls will enjoy our bows as well. :)
Elisabeth Keck Bow ProElisabeth Keck
Bow Pro

I am a stay-at-home mother of 3 children (a 5 ½-yr.-old daughter and 3-yr.-old and 6-month-old sons). My interest in bows began when my daughter was about 4 months old. Since I had no idea how to make bows, I resorted to purchased ones. When my daughter got older, I started noticing the beautiful bows that Jessica’s daughter wore. I eventually had a bow-making class in my home--I was hooked!! Several months later, Jessica asked me to join the company and I was happy to do so. What could be better than getting paid to do something you enjoy? I am thankful to be working for a company than not only is flexible, but also allows me to be at home with my children.
Sarah Ekberg Bow Pro / Production ManagerSarah Ekberg
Bow Pro / Production Manager

I have always loved the bows that BFBF made and I was very excited to start making them.  My little 6 year old sister has enjoyed wearing the bows.  I am a student at Bob Jones University and making bows helps me earn money to continue my schooling.  Making bows is definitely a fun way to earn your way through college.  Much of my time is also spent with "Ladies In Waiting," which is a monthly newsletter to encourage single Christian ladies.  Its purpose is to challenge and encourage ladies to grown in their love relationship with the Lord and to wait for the Lord to bring the right mate for them.

If you would like to learn more about the ministry of “Ladies In Waiting,” you may visit our website at  I trust that you will enjoy the bows that you receive from BFBF.
Ashley Abbott Curly Q ManagerAshley Abbott
Curly Q Manager

Fifteen months ago the Lord blessed my husband and I with our beautiful little girl. After she was born I took up an interest in hair bows. The choices were endless. After a few months I started experimenting with korker hair bows. These bows are so much fun! You can mix and match so many colors! The Lord has been so good in allowing my husband to own his own business and allowing me to stay at home and care for our daughter!
Shannon Milligan Bow Pro / BFBF RepShannon Milligan
Bow Pro / BFBF Rep

The Lord has given me the wonderful privilege and responsibility to stay at home with my 2 daughters. My husband is currently pursuing a Master’s of Divinity degree, and making these beautiful bows at home enables me to fill the evenings that he is studying at the library while making a little extra money towards the PhT (“Putting Hubby Through”) degree! It’s encouraging to see something tangible from the works of your hands, when as stay-at-home-moms, we work all day but sometimes feel as though we don’t have anything to show for it. My girls enjoy wearing Bows For Best Friends, and I know yours will, too!
Michelle Rivera Bow Pro / BFBF RepMichelle Rivera
Bow Pro / BFBF Rep

The Lord has blessed my husband and I with three girls. Two of whom are in high school and the youngest is pre-school age. She enjoys looking pretty with bows in her hair. The Lord connected me with this business enterprise because He knew that we would make a good team. I enjoy working with my hands and they needed help creating bows. It was exactly what God had planned, He makes no mistakes! Psalm 139
Heather Countryman Bow Pro Manager / Bow Pro / BFBF RepHeather Countryman
Bow Pro Manager / Bow Pro / BFBF Rep

Anna Grace McGonigal Bow ProAnna Grace McGonigal
Bow Pro

The lady in Proverbs 31 carefully dressed her own family in garments that were both quality and beautiful. She also made sashes to sell to the merchants; and I can just imagine her working diligently to make them the best that they could be. It brings me great satisfaction to be able, in a small way, to follow her example by taking quality ribbons and turning them into beautiful bows for my own daughters and yours. There's nothing more charming and feminine than a perfectly sculpted hairbow to complement that adorable outfit or dress. I trust that you and the little girls in your life will enjoy these bows as much as I have enjoyed making them for you."
Christina Ekberg Bow ProChristina Ekberg
Bow Pro

Esther Ekberg Bow ProEsther Ekberg
Bow Pro

Esther Minnick Bow ProEsther Minnick
Bow Pro

Lydia Minnick Bow ProLydia Minnick
Bow Pro

Sarah Brackbill Bow ProSarah Brackbill
Bow Pro / BFBF Rep

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